Camel Technologies (CAMEL) is located in beautiful Dunbar, West Virginia, just a few miles west of the capitol city of Charleston. CAMEL started out as A to Z Security in 1990. In response to taking on a lot of different tasks, A to Z Security was soon renamed to CAMEL.Since 9/11, the company has been undergoing drastic changes. Personnel and business volume have been rapidly increasing.

CAMEL deals with thousands of products to provide the most efficient system possible. These products range from surveillance cameras to cameras hidden in stuffed animals, books and clocks.

Below is a brief summary of what we do:

A Alarms
M Maintenance
E Electronics
L Locksmith

CAMEL protects property by securing boundaries. The main focus is on facility security, from the front door lock all the way to the back of the building. We design systems based on application and location requirements--everything is customized. There is rarely any similarity between two system.